Creating unity in the garden

Creating unity in the garden

Want to look cozy in the garden in spring or summer? Then now is the time to start! Perhaps you are already getting your bearings. Regardless of the style you have in mind, unity in the garden is absolutely essential. Unity creates peace. And let that be exactly what we seek out the garden for. These tips will ensure unity and tranquility in your garden.

Seamless design
When it comes to garden design, there are a lot of choices to make. Do you have a raised patio with stair elements? Or do you want a pool or pond in the garden, for example? In all these cases, unity is “key. People prefer a “seamless garden design” where everything flows together. Disturbing transitions in material types and colors have no place in that.

Dream Garden Bussum with GeoCeramica Forma Grigio patio and complementary steps

The right decorative paving creates unity
A pool or pond brings a lot of garden pleasure, but it can also seem overpowering. In this, the right choice of decorative paving plays an important role. After all, a seamless connection of the patio with the rest of the garden brings tranquility. To avoid disruptive style breaks, MBI offers so-called GeoCeramica® Specials. These are custom elements, including pool edges, pond edges and stair treads, that are fully complementary to the patio.

Swimming pool garden GeoCeramica® Corten Steel in Blaricum

Complementary transitions with GeoCeramica® Specials
Special elements entirely custom made of the same design as the selected terrace tiles. Within the GeoCeramica® collection, this is possible! A particularly beautiful, aesthetic solution for a luxury pool garden, for example. Once installed, you can enjoy your garden with pool or pond for years to come. This is because GeoCeramica® with its ceramic top plate is very resistant to scratches, chlorine and all kinds of other external influences. To be ordered through authorized MBI dealers.

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