De Rooy Metaaldesign introduces Royor coatings

De Rooy Metaaldesign introduces Royor coatings

Those looking for steel doors with a unique finish can find what they are looking for at De Rooy Metaaldesign. They recently introduced their new Royor collection. This collection consists of six types of coatings.

Royor collection: three colors, two finishes
Marein de Rooy says, “In the showroom, we were increasingly getting requests for steel doors with a metal finish. It is of course possible to powder-coat a steel door in a RAL color similar to copper, bronze or brass, but we wanted to do something extra. That’s why we developed our Royor coatings. These coatings are customized. This way we make sure that the doors not only look vibrant, but also unique.

Copper, Bronze and Brass
The Royor collection currently consists of Copper (copper), Bronze (bronze) and Brass (brass) colors. Warm colors that add luxury to a steel door. Says Marein, “The three colors come in two types: striped and brushed. The striped Royor contains distinct stripes, reminiscent of broad brush strokes. The striped Royor is slightly more pronounced than our brushed collection, which is softer in shape.’

Experience the Royor coating in the showroom
Would you like to experience the exclusive Royor coating for yourself? Stop by De Rooy Metaaldesign’s showroom in Veenendaal and experience the quality of the steel doors for yourself. The Rooy cordially invites you to attend.

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