Design2Chill 100% DUTCH DESIGN!

Design2Chill 100% DUTCH DESIGN!

For 13 years Design2Chill has been a trendsetter in the field of “all-weather” lounge and garden furniture. We offer a wide collection of modern designer furniture coupled with a unique customization concept and focused on sustainability.

So it’s ideal for creating a completely individual style. Together we can always come up with beautiful and appropriate designs for the garden. With custom work, you truly have a unique piece in your home. Not only that, it is also easier when you have to decide with multiples on what furniture to get, or in what color. With customization, you can make the furniture completely appropriate to a company or a family, for example.

All Design2Chill products can be made to any size and are available in more than 150 upholstery colors. The stainless steel and aluminum parts such as legs, frames, serveplates etc. are available in all ral colors and then in matte or high gloss.

Our lounge and dinner tables are available in any size, shape and in 40 types of Italian ceramic such as a concrete, wood, marble look etc. All our lounge and dinner tables can be optimized with a champagne cooler and/or fire pit available in 4 shapes, rectangular, rectangular narrow, square and even round.

Design2chill’s loungers have a hydraulic system where you can adjust the back in any position and that our mattresses are so thick you can dream away in them.

Did you know that we can integrate our own seat heating in all our models where you can heat the back and seat up to 30 degrees? And that we even sell custom-made outdoor carpets available in more than 15 colors and that you may choose the border finish yourself wide or narrow and then in the same color as the sofas, hockers and/or decorative pillows.

So beyond design, we really go for the ultimate comfort of being able to sit outside. Luxury with us must be comfortable, otherwise it is not luxury.

Our showroom is open 7 days a week by appointment.

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