Discover the trend of 2022: Steel doors with bronze coating

Discover the trend of 2022: Steel doors with bronze coating

You want to make something special out of your home, but you also want high-quality durable material. By now we are all familiar with black steel doors. A beautiful foundation for a modern home. Still, we see more and more people opting for something else. In this blog, we have listed for you three special homes where people dared to take a leap of faith by choosing steel doors with an alternative color. And not just any color, these homes are all distinctive homes with their own ambiance and unique feel. Are you watching?

Steel doors with bronze/brass coating in apartment Amsterdam
Herringbone flooring is more popular than ever! And what better to combine this with than a beautiful steel door? Take a look at this park apartment in Amsterdam and you will find the answer. Indeed, at the entrance you are immediately welcomed by two impressive steel doors with bronze/brass coating. The bronze/brass coating pairs beautifully with the wood herringbone floor and the home’s warm color palette. In our opinion, an absolute gem and a wonderful example of a distinctive home. View all photos here.

A stunning example of endless creativity: bronze doors in Huizen
One of the great advantages of working with real steel is that there are immense possibilities! This stunning home in Huizen is the absolute example of that. The home uses bronze-coated steel doors with a curved profile at the top of the door. This creates a generous feeling upon entry. It is even at times reminiscent of Romanesque architecture, which was characterized by semicircular arches and pillars. Every detail in this home has been thought about. Again, a unique home that stands out.

A stylish home with perfect balance of materials, colors and shapes
Finally, in this stylish home, we look at steel doors composed to blend perfectly with the rest of the interior. This it resulted in custom steel doors with bronze coating and leather surfaces. An excellent choice, as this has provided a perfect balance of materials, colors and shapes. The doors look luxurious and invite you to take a seat in the spacious living room. In addition to beautiful style element, the doors also serve another function. As a matter of fact, the steel sliding doors are also space-saving, as they can be easily slid into the wall.

With this concluding home, we have seen three wonderful variations of inspiring homes where bronze/brass steel doors have been used. A super interesting development in the steel doors market that we will be watching closely! For now, these brilliant examples are promising.

Inspired by these examples?
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