DPG Media Office

DPG Media Office

DPG Media is a leading company that is constantly evolving, and is one of the largest in Belgium with brands such as VTM, HLN, and QMusic. This evolution also translates into the design of their offices and buildings. For example, they had been working with flexible workspaces for some time, even before the Covid-19 situation forced many to do so. In the process, they provide a habitat for creatives who are part of an army of dynamic collaborators.

Working with DPG Media gave us a taste of this dynamic, which rushes through their buildings like a whirlwind. Because of the high rate at which reorganizations are happening, there are some issues of utmost importance. The cooperation of all parties involved should be as smooth as possible. Both flexibility and thorough communication with Facility managers (Stijn Van den Acker and Indra Sarono) play a crucial role in this. These coordinate this spectacle with extreme precision and surround themselves with a trusted team of professionals.

The synergy created during these collaborations is a unique experience and, admittedly, a bit addictive. As such, we are proud to be part of this team, meeting the high standards to which DPG Media holds themselves and their employees.

Corporate identity
There is a clear house style within the premises of DPG Media in Vilvoorde. Some materials form the basis, certain elements recur and the different parts blend seamlessly. From kitchens, seating areas, see-through walls, cabinets, desks and a kiosk to waste sorting furniture, all components bear the same signature. In doing so, the design firm Nachtraven preserved this look and feel. In addition, Gestalt architects planned the layout of the various zones.

In this blog, we focus on our contribution to the whole. This consists of the office kitchens, lockers and some connecting interior elements. We also supplied another kiosk to display their various magazines and news media. At the end of this blog is another previously executed bonus project!

The first, smaller kitchen is the third in a series of similar office kitchens we have already provided for DPG Media. The extreme-black matte laminate with Traceless surface is interspersed with Natural Oak veneer accents and solid oak tablets. The coffee corner, waste sorting, beverage fountain and refrigerators are seamlessly combined into 1 unit.

A see-through wall provides a stylish demarcation of this kitchen area, forming a recognizable element throughout the different rooms. These kitchenettes are always set up at the entrance to each department, serving as a warm reception area. DPG Media chooses quality for its employees. This manifests itself not only in their use of materials, but also in Franke’s coffee machines and Aqualex drinking fountains.

Cutouts were provided in the oak kitchen tablets. Underneath these recesses are trash bins that make sorting easy, clean and stylish. In each recess we inserted elegant letters that give clues about the contents of the bin. These were provided by Jo Meert engraving.

A top-notch kitchen deserves an exclusive faucet. DPG Media has been working with Aqualex for some time. So the choice of their Fine touch faucets was natural. These elegant faucets deliver purified and chilled water. A super product that fits in any office without any problems.

The larger kitchen is the main entrance to the marketing department. Here, the concept of a warm entrance is further opened up. This place serves as a reception area for clients and a meeting point among colleagues. In the process, the expansive island provides seating where employees can eat lunch or catch up with colleagues.

In addition, we worked out a kiosk in this area that showcases DPG Media’s analog section. (Substitute magazines were used for the photo reportage because strict adherence to corona regulations temporarily did not permit physical media.)

Nachtraven largely came up with this concept but it was further technically developed and executed by us. His duties include both displaying and distributing internally DPG Media’s magazines, newspapers and dailies. There are 24 shelves provided for displaying the various magazines.

Behind each display there is plenty of stock provided for anyone who wants to take a copy. Thus, no large piles of magazines or newspapers are visible. While keeping the sober and clean house style clearly present.

Installing a large amount of lockers for a company like DPG Media is not simple. These need to be brought convincingly, effectively, yet discreetly into the otherwise stylish office spaces. The decision was made to divide the 300 lockers into several units. We reduced these to their cleanest and most elemental form. We combined the exclusive Traceless laminate with shiny acrylic inlays for the numbers. This gives a luxurious look to this otherwise functional everyday furniture.

Nothing at DPG Media was brought haphazardly or thoughtlessly. Everything is always contained in a bigger picture. Each element should exude professionalism and support the dynamics of the business. You feel special and held in your hands as an employee. Mutual respect is important in any business and that became more than tangible here.

A lot of employees have rarely or not seen their offices in recent months. Also in the future, working from home will be the norm rather than the exception. Here it is important to provide flexible workstations where there are no fixed workstations. This brings some advantages and challenges.

This reduces the need for office space and provides more space for relaxed break time moments. It’s cozier and more efficient! Honestly, who wants to work in a boring, half-empty office space?

In addition, setting up the workplace poses a challenge. With more staff than desks, how do we ensure that everyone still has a place to work? By equipping the workstations with a docking station, any desk can be transformed into a personal workstation. The extra personal items can then be stored with the handbag or backpack in an individual locker.

Whoever says lockers, says Vecos. This inventive system delivers a complete wire, key and battery-free locker solution to your business. Combined with a push-to-open method, this produces a particularly sleek look. In addition, several security measures are built in against break-in and power failures. This ensures that everyone’s personal belongings are always safe and accessible.

The vecos system is fully configurable and integratable with other software. Thus, it can be operated with existing access cards or a smartphone. Functions range from personal storage to temporary mixed-use storage. This can all be automated in the software.

Service Desk
As mentioned earlier, flexibility and quick switching is crucial in this collaboration. Despite Nachtraven’s creative input, it is sometimes necessary to offer its own solutions that blend seamlessly with the other designs.

We conceived this service desk around an existing desk. The matte black laminate returns, as well as solid oak. Thus, its appearance not only fit perfectly with the rest, but it also became much more evident in the interior. By providing a frame for a current desk, we retain the ability to move this arrangement.

Accountability is the key to this sustainable collaboration. No single component is separate; each employee is an element that must work seamlessly together. Everyone interacts with each other, and ultimate success depends on communication between them. Constant anticipation and talking with other partners is the crucial streamlining in this process.

A very fine and correct cooperation. Not only executive but also collaborative. Smooth communication during the remodeling period. The furniture is finished in every but the smallest detail. After installation, the work floor was also left clean at all times. Atelier Lammens & De Prins = Service & Quality.

Indra Sarono – Building management coordinator – DPG Media

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