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Each Treehouse is a work of art in itself

Each Treehouse is a work of art in itself

Customization in its purest form

Nowhere is nature the same, every situation is different, every garden is different and because the trees in the garden guide the design, we always customize a tree house.

The desire
Of course, first there is the desire: how big, tall, durable, and exclusive shall we build it? Of what type of wood? With an exciting rope bridge, spiral staircase, climbing wall, or observation tower? Intended only for children or as a romantic guesthouse with a luxurious double bed. The possibilities are endless.

Luxury wooden treehouse

No tree?
And for those who still dream of having a tree house in the garden but unfortunately have no tree available, even that is no problem! In that case, we use natural logs so that the treehouse feel is maintained at all times.

Also inside!
Completely superior are our indoor treehouses. For those for whom nature is an important basis in the interior, this is definitely a plus. With its crown of handmade silk leaves and its natural organic trunk, you'll bring even more green into your home. In a bohemian chic interior this comes into its own but also in a minimalist interior that could use a little more green, this is an organic work of art in itself. In addition to being a fantastic play corner, this is also a true eye-catcher and this unique concept has been featured repeatedly in various interior design magazines.

Indoors, outdoors, with or without a tree; options are always available!

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