Effective exercise with the ultimate rowing machine: the WaterRower

Effective exercise with the ultimate rowing machine: the WaterRower

Exercising at home has been a trend for decades. It saves effort and time, nowhere can you get started as easily as in your own area. Only, most of us do not have access to a specially equipped room to properly train the entire body. Rowing offers the solution in this.

Effective exercise

Rowing provides a unique combination of strength and cardio. With one rowing motion, you use almost every muscle group in your body. In addition, you are in control of the pace (fitness) or intensity (strength). During rowing, you use as much as 84% of the combined muscle mass – such as legs, buttocks, abdomen and back – simultaneously.

The ultimate rowing machine

The WaterRower is one of a kind. In fact, the rowing machine simulates the feeling of real rowing: the heart of the WaterRower is therefore the water tank with its ergonomically shaped paddle. This ensures maximum displacement of the water and thus a uniform, shock-free and pleasant resistance. This water resistance adjusts with each movement of the rower. If you move slowly, the resistance is low. If you increase the speed, the resistance becomes more intense. But in either case, the resistance remains gentle and fluid which makes for an enjoyable workout.

“Water provides a familiar and natural resistance when rowing. In addition, rowing with water resistance is not stressful for the joints and the risk of injury is very low.”Franklin van der Zijde, owner Optima Forma Fitness.

So do you exercise at home and want to train your entire body within one workout? Then consider rowing with the WaterRower, the ultimate rowing machine.

WaterRower, strong for more than 30 years

WaterRower has been designing and manufacturing rowing machines of exceptional quality and unique design since 1988. The WaterRower was designed in the 1980s by John Duke, rower with Yale University and US National Team. The rowing machine is not only a visual eye-catcher but also a technical highlight. It has a compact, rectilinear build, and by using distinctive, high-quality materials, it fits effortlessly into any environment. www.waterrower.nl

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