Electric window decoration from JASNO

Electric window decoration from JASNO

In a home where everything can be operated electrically, window coverings cannot be left behind either. At JASNO, you can choose electric blinds made from durable Pauwlonia wood. At the touch of a button, you easily move the JASNO blinds to the desired position thanks to Dooya motorization. It is even possible to control multiple blinds in one room with the same remote control at the same time. If you choose the WiFi hub, you can even link the window decoration to your smartphone. This way, you can, for example, set a timer so that your window decoration opens and closes at certain times. Ideal if you want to use natural light as an alarm clock!

With the wooden blinds, we give two options with the electric version. On the one hand, you can choose the Tilt & Lift option; that is, electrically tilt the slats as well as electrically raise or lower the entire package. On the other hand, you can choose the Tilt Only option, where you can only electrically tilt the slats and have to raise or lower the entire package with a cord.

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