Exclusive bed linen from Italy

Exclusive bed linen from Italy

Nilson Beds appointed official concept dealer Society Limonta

AMERSFOORT – Starting this fall, bedmaker Nilson is a concept dealer for Society Limonta.
This makes Nilson the official outlet in the Netherlands of this exclusive ‘home couture’ from Italy. The collection consists of beautiful bed linens and lovely plaids made from the finest materials and is a valuable addition to Nilson’s existing range.

‘We have known Society Limonta as a supplier for some time, but have expanded the partnership and expanded our collection,’ says Nilson founder Rijndert Fluit. “In addition to luxurious plaids made from cashmere and wool, we also offer lovely bed linens made from materials such as cotton, linen, silk and cashmere.”
“Society’s bedding is exceptional in quality and workmanship. Society is part of a historic textile company famous for its innovations in clothing and furnishing fabrics. This is reflected in exclusive weaving and dyeing techniques and special fabric blends. From these, the most beautiful bed linen is made.”

Mix & Match
“The Society Limonta philosophy is characterized by the typical mix & match style: the penchant for combining different types of fabric and color shades. Also characteristic of Society is that traditional craft fabrics such as linen and cotton are made with a ‘new design attitude’: adapted to the wishes and requirements of our time in terms of maintenance and design. The fabrics are technically developed so that they are easy to wash and usually do not need ironing. The seasons have also been taken into account: breathable fabrics for summer and comfortable textiles for winter,” says Rijndert.

Garment dyeing
Within Society’s manufacturing process, the dyeing process – called garment dyeing – can be called special: the bed linen is made from undyed textiles and does not receive a dye bath until it is ready. This gives a natural effect to each piece and also brings out the quality of the fabric better. Moreover, this creates absolutely unique products in terms of color nuance.

Very popular is Society Limonta’s Nite series, made of “extra fine cotton”: extremely smooth, thin and light cotton fabric in which to envelop yourself at night. Italian grandmothers called this fabric “egg skin” because of its extreme softness and resilience. The material is fast drying and does not require ironing. Nite is available in beautiful base colors that pair well with Society’s other collections, all available through Nilson.

Society Limonta
Society Limonta was founded in 2000 and is part of the Limonta Group. Society Limonta offers a unique product in that the entire production process takes place in Limonta, Italy. This allows for flexibility and creativity, and the highest quality standards can be guaranteed. The Limonta Group itself was founded in 1893. Where people once began making tapestries, a thriving center for textile research now stands, and Society Limonta was born as a specialist in household linens.

About Nilson
Nilson specializes in high-quality sleep comfort. All beds are custom-made from the best (natural) materials and designed by top designers. The beds are produced by hand in the Netherlands. Nilson offers a unique concept through a complete collection of high-quality sleep comfort with luxury beds and headboards and accessories such as furniture, comforters, pillows and bed linens. The target audience includes customers from home and abroad: interior designers, hotels and individuals. Over 35 hotels worldwide are now equipped with luxury Nilson beds.

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