Exclusive, handcrafted personal dream kitchens

Exclusive, handcrafted personal dream kitchens

The kitchen anno 2022 is not just another room in our home. It is the beating heart of the house, the place where it is cozy, cooking is done and you relax with a good glass of wine. From this vision, Tinello designs and realizes exclusive, handmade and personal dream kitchens that perfectly match the lifestyle of the users.

Quality is the basis of our work
This ranges from the drawer systems to the wood we use and the craftsmen in our workshops that we train ourselves. We are always looking for unusual materials and techniques that clients won’t find anywhere else. We then apply these in projects by our designers. Thus, we guarantee the top quality and exclusivity that Tinello has stood for for over thirty years, with everything being manufactured in-house – from design, production, painting, delivery, installation and assembly on site.

From idea to realization
Each kitchen design from Tinello is completely custom designed. The clients’ wishes are the main guiding principle. Sometimes a design arises from a material combination, a layout or after a visit to the attractive showrooms in Kaatsheuvel and Hilversum. Here Tinello offers endless inspiration, introducing clients to countless ideas in terms of arrangement, material, color and design. In each model you can taste the passion for pure craftsmanship. With years of expertise and unique methods, the possibilities for creating dream kitchens and other furniture customization are endless. Think: kitchens with composite, ceramic, concrete, marble and wood or a combination, in any style – from country, classic, modern to industrial. The love of craftsmanship is also reflected in the making process. An advisor from Tinello: “Every design is translated in detail into an appropriate realization. It is then finished with a color, shade and texture of your choice. We mix colors ourselves and develop our own systems for paint build-up.

Curious about Tinello’s beautiful kitchens? You are welcome to visit our showrooms in Kaatsheuvel and Hilversum, where we will be happy to help you realize your dream kitchen.

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