Exclusive handmade finishes from Grezzo

Exclusive handmade finishes from Grezzo

Grezzo specializes in applying exclusive handmade finishes for interior objects and elements and detailing for the exclusive corporate market. Our clients consist mainly of (interior) architects, customization specialists, interior stylists and yacht builders.

We provide doors, staircases window frames and even complete kitchens with a special look. Does your client have an idea about a look or a distinct idea. We can make that happen for you. Due to our years of experience in the world of decoration, we have a very complete range of different looks and textures.

Grezzo’s decorative finishes are composed of several layers. The base is a mixture of polymer, epoxy, cement or metal particles. The addition of several components makes it waterproof, very hard yet flexible. All products have the same features and benefits. They are seamless, low-maintenance, liquid-proof and can be applied to any surface and shape. In addition, they can be used both indoors and outdoors.

Grezzo metal is our special exclusive metal finish. which we can apply in different structures and appearances. Of gleaming gold or rough-finished bronze. Or even a black oxidized door full of cracks is among the possibilities.

With our Grezzo concrete finishes, we provide finishes mainly for kitchen countertops and tables for many kitchen builders and custom specialists. This concrete finish is waterproof, very hard and highly resistant to dirt and grease stains. So it is ideal for a low-maintenance solution. The tops can be finished seamlessly, so all lengths are possible. Finishing a top on site is also an option.

So if you want a high end, customized finish for your interior then you have come to the right place.

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