Exclusive lounge sets

Exclusive lounge sets

Outdoor Lifestyle’s exclusive lounge sets are a feast for the eyes. An enrichment for your garden or patio. The exclusive lounge sets also let you enjoy the wonderful outdoors to the fullest. Of sunshine, of nature and of pleasant company. And for many, many years, because Outdoor Lifestyle’s exclusive lounge sets are distinctive and of outstanding quality.

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The search for new outdoor furniture led to the start of her own business years ago. Manon Idema, owner of Outdoor Lifestyle founded in 2006: “The perfect outdoor furniture we wanted did not exist. For example, I am quite tall myself, so I wanted a sofa that I could comfortably relax on with my height. Not to be found, because a real lounge set as we see them a lot now, we did not know in the Netherlands at the beginning of this century. Also in terms of design and material properties, the offerings did not meet my needs.” A waste of money, thought creative Manon, and she set to work designing and putting them together herself. “For me, though, it was immediately clear that only the best was good enough. Absolute quality above all else.”

The ideal exclusive lounge sets

“Important things that I missed in the offer, I took into account in the design phase. So my outdoor furniture had to be not only very comfortable for small and large, but certainly also extremely user-friendly and in terms of its base indestructible.” The result?

A very nice piece of outdoor furniture that can remain outside all year round, including cushions, and whose covers are stain-resistant, washable and, above all, retain their color. Manon Idema’s innovative creation proved to be the first exclusive lounge set on the Dutch market. “Our furniture stands out because we only work with quality and high quality products and it is a one hundred percent Dutch product. The collection is made with beautiful covers made of the indestructible Sunbrella® fabric. The covers, available in as many as one hundred different colors, are easily removable, making them easy to clean and maintain. The fabric cannot fade and can therefore also be cleaned with chlorine. Outdoor Lifestyle exclusively uses special quick dry foam for outdoors. This foam cannot retain water. Water runs directly through it. So the cushions cannot go mouldy, dry very quickly and can be left outside 365 days a year,” says Manon, who is happy with her choice to start Outdoor Lifestyle. “It is a beautiful and cheerful product. Our exclusive lounge sets are among the best available in the Netherlands. Also in the coming years we will continue to deliver high quality and continue to surprise and delight as an exclusive brand.”

All weather lounge set

“On the weather in spring and summer I have no influence, but customers do tell me that thanks to Outdoor Lifestyle’s exclusive all-weather lounge sets they enjoy the sun a lot more. Because now, at the first rays of sunshine, they don’t have to go to the attic or the shed first to get the cushions. No, they walk outside with their cup of coffee and enjoy their happy moment in the sun on the lounge set. If you have to go find your cushions first, you’ll think twice and drink your cup of coffee inside. Fortunately, with our exclusive lounge sets, we contribute to our customers’ much desired happy moments.”

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