Exclusive sound comfort

Exclusive sound comfort

Your home is the center of your daily routine. Within the new normal, we work, learn and relax at home. Although being together can be very cozy, everyone needs a quiet place where you can retreat to. We see an increase in requests where, besides the slim appearance of the doors, higher sound comfort was the focus. What technical options do we have to achieve noise reduction?

Rubbers in the steel profile
By definition, a steel facade with glass reduces noise. In the showroom, we test this by talking behind a door and not changing your voice volume when the doors close. Then you notice how much noise even a pivot door, which after all has a small opening on all sides, stops. But if soundproofing is your focus, we use slim steel profiles in which rubbers are attached. In this version, the steel doors seal optimally to all possible sounds.

Acoustic glass is soundproof
Acoustic glass provides noise reduction while maintaining optimal light penetration. The sounds we hear are vibrations through the air. Our ear captures these vibrations and converts them into sound. What is the effect of reduction in decibels? A reduction in sound level by 1 dB is barely audible; by 3 dB is audible; by 10 dB you halve sound perception. In practice, compared with standard glass (33.1 = 33 dB), this means that acoustic glass (55.A2 = 38 dB) achieves a reduction of 5 dB, which is certainly noticeable. We can enhance this effect by assembling double glazing made of acoustic glass.

Game room versus oasis of calm
Sound comfort is a very important factor in making your home cozy. That way you can enjoy the peace and quiet. Talking and eating together in a low-noise environment is a pleasure and good for your digestion. At the same time, other family members may want to fully enjoy the thrill of an exciting movie or game. The spaces can be stylishly and comfortably separated by a steel facade.

Can it also be fireproof?
Besides the fact that steel doors should always be beautiful, sometimes several technical wishes and requirements overlap. Are you looking for a combination of comfort and safety? For example, sound comfort and fire safety? We are working on better sound insulation for fire doors. The manufacturer of the fire-resistant profiles has commissioned new sound tests. This allows us to achieve better soundproofing solutions of up to 48 dB with our fire-resistant steel doors.

Everything you need
Need a place where you can work, read, talk or eat quietly? Or do you want to create a place where you can enjoy the thrill of an exciting movie or game without disturbing others? Email your ideas to info@exclusivesteel.nl.

Naftali Leidelmeijer, Exclusive Steel B.V.

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