Exclusive villa builder opens “Atelier Oscar V” in heart of Mechelen

Exclusive villa builder opens “Atelier Oscar V” in heart of Mechelen

The inspiration space “Atelier Oscar V” at 40 St. Catherine Street in the heart of Mechelen opened at the end of October. This intimate space will be the place where clients will be fully immersed in the villa builder’s signature style and approach.

‘Customers here will feel our special love of craft and authenticity. We place enormous importance on craftsmanship, durable materials, textures and exclusive finishes in every design. And that is what you can experience here in our workshop,” said Wim Vriesacker, General Manager Oscar V.

Oscar V was incorporated in 2013 as a part of Groep Verelst, a leading construction group formed from Verelst Industriebouw in Putte. The villa builder, meanwhile, is known for its exclusive designs with the typical signature.

The choice to open Atelier Oscar V in Mechelen was obvious. Mechelen, thanks to its central location and its dynamic nature, is the ideal place to receive clients and prospects. Moreover, for centuries Mechelen has been a city of makers, of artisans. Sint-Katelijnestraat, one of Mechelen’s main approach roads, used to be home to painters, sculptors, and also bell founders. This street, with its beautiful facades and fleeces, is therefore the ideal location to establish Atelier Oscar V.

The new experience space starts from the principle of a craft workshop. It is a place where Oscar V’s craftsmanship is showcased in all its facets. Oscar V works exclusively on a custom basis, and goes to great lengths to do so. In fact, to the extent that their work takes on an almost artisanal character: from the first sketch to the last hinge, everything is designed and made in-house with a great love for the craft. There is a separate sample room in the studio that best substantiates that idea. There, customers can discover a thoughtful selection of materials, products and finishes.

The studio offers an inspiring take on Oscar V’s artisanal minimalism. From the outside, the building looks like a sleek white volume. Inside, it is designed according to the typical Oscar V signature: authentic and tactile materials, tone-on-tone colors, subtle textures, rounded shapes and meticulous detailing. Architecture and interior are completely in harmony. ‘A villa at Oscar V is a total concept,’ said Nathalie Delronge, Oscar V Manager. ‘We want to make people not only see it, but really experience it with all the senses. Visitors have to feel it, that’s the ambition with this intimate place.’

Building with Oscar V is a worry-free experience. From the first contact to the moment you move into your home: you will be drawn into an inspiring story. Oscar V provides a design, selects partners, schedules the work, coordinates everything and follows up the site through to completion, ready for the move. The team at Oscar V promises its clients not only a beautiful new home, but also a luxurious experience.

Atelier Oscar V can be visited by appointment. Appointments can be made by emailing info@oscarv.be or by calling 015 300 366.

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