Fellow professionals among themselves

Fellow professionals among themselves

Inspiring, educational and entertaining

More than forty leading interior architects and designers attended the exciting inspiration day “Professionals Among Each Other” at the invitation of In Toom, Lara Burgmans Interieurontwerp, Driessen Interieurglas, Bom Interieurs, Koopman Bouw & Interieur, B&G audio video domotica and Left Label Collections. They enjoyed the inspiring lecture by speaker Paul Rulkens, the enthusiasm and creativity of Piet Hein Eek, the open conversations with each other and, of course, the cozy drinks and delicious dinner.

The location – the creative domain of Piet Hein Eek in Eindhoven – contributed to the success of this inspiration day. The property is described by owner Piet Hein Eek as an aquarium where the chaos he loves reigns. But it is certainly also a property where craftsmanship, daring, vision, entrepreneurship and passion are clearly felt and tangible.

After the warm welcome from Thomas van Nielen of In Toom, speaker Paul Rulkens managed to captivate, trigger and make the creative party think about their own business with his interactive lecture. The common thread of the story told by the entertaining and inspiring Rulkens was the word growth. Among other things, invitees were asked to take a critical look at their own way of conducting business and share these outcomes with their neighbors in the room. Paul Rulkens, in addition to being a speaker, author and consultant to entrepreneurs, also reached out to the 40-plus attendees with clear tools to help them achieve growth in their own businesses. This not only provided interesting comments, but also made for engaging conversation during the later drinks. Questions and experiences flew across the various tables in The Wonder Room of Piet Hein Eek’s intriguing property while enjoying a glass of wine.

Whereas during Paul Rulkens’ lecture there was plenty of room for interaction, during Piet Hein Eek’s tour it was mouse quiet. All the guests visibly enjoyed the entertaining anecdotes of the highly successful, but ò so down-to-earth designer. The man who made his name with his scrap wood cabinet, averse to waste and simply loves craft, has been a globally known brand for many years. Star appeal is foreign to him, however, and he still enjoys a successful design by a collaborator and the sound of hammering and sawing after all these years of success. So in his aquarium full of chaos, he still feels like a fish out of water after all these years. A pleasure he granted to all present within their work (area).

That there was plenty to talk about afterward was evident over drinks and dinner. Co-organizer Thomas van Nielen of In Toom enjoyed hearing the pleasant murmur. As an experienced construction supervisor and contractor of complete (interior) construction projects, he uses the maxim that fits him that building should be a party. “For the architect, for the people on the shop floor, but certainly also for the clients. You only achieve that when you work with fine people. Hard-working professionals who love their profession and always go for the very best. I get the same feeling when I look at all my colleagues here. Pure passion for the profession. And that in this beautiful space. Fantastic! This will definitely get a sequel again!”

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