Flower bulbs: an enrichment for any garden!

Flower bulbs: an enrichment for any garden!

The days when flower bulbs were exclusive to the very rich and a single bulb was worth more than a human life are long gone. By now, flower bulbs are commonplace and for some even have a somewhat stuffy image. Until one sees the wonderful effects and enchanting atmospheres you can create with flower bulbs….

Infinite possibilities
Flower bulbs come in many shapes, sizes and colors. Therefore, flower bulbs can be used in any garden style. From lush to modern and from tightly cultivated to natural. In addition, you can also work with a mixture of different bulbs and vary with the shape of the bulb group; tightly lined or whimsical as well as with the interplanting distances and flowering times.

Additional planting layer
The beauty of nature is that flower bulbs usually stick out above the ground with their leaves and flowers for a short period of time and then give way to other plants. By making clever use of this, you can use flower bulbs to add an extra “planting layer” to a border. So extra blooms, color, seasonal experiences and insects (= biodiversity) in your garden!

Year-round color
Especially in smaller gardens, applying an additional “bulb layer” is a must. With thoughtful “layering” of plants, you can enjoy a thriving garden all year long despite limited space. Who wouldn’t want that?

Planting Specialist
Although spreading bulbs sounds very simple, the border/ and bulb layer should be coordinated. That requires solid plant knowledge. Would you also like a garden with a sophisticated planting plan that you can enjoy year-round? Then leave the design to Peter van der Velden, the planting specialist for an exclusive and costom-made planting design!

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