Focus award-winning gas fireplaces collection

Focus award-winning gas fireplaces collection

Since its founding in 1968, Focus has always pushed the boundaries of innovation, both technical and aesthetic design, while adhering to the strictest environmental standards. Focus gas fireplaces offer constant and even heat output and high energy performance. Gas is a great alternative heat source. Focus always combines design with performance to create the very highest standard fireplaces and stoves.

Focus has built its reputation on R&D and now has 17 gas fireplace models in its catalog. Focus gas fireplaces mimic the play of flames in an authentic wood fire. All gas fireplaces in the Focus collection are equipped with a CE-certified gas burner, which can work with both natural gas and propane. The state-of-the-art combustion system in Focus gas fireplaces guarantees the ease of use of high performance. Focus’ most stylistically revolutionary fireplaces are available in gas options, from the Lensfocus, Curvifocus, Slimfocus and Boafocus to the best-selling Bathyscafocus and more.

The gas fires come with a remote control and are easy to set up and use, while the wood fires with a thermal efficiency of 70 percent or more are an excellent way to use renewable energy. Focus fireplaces are available in more than 70 countries and there are over 70 models to choose from.

The distinctive designs are matched only by their technology and energy

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