Fons Linders Garden Masters for the very best gardens

Fons Linders Garden Masters for the very best gardens

When you think of the very best gardens, you think of Fons Linders Tuinmeesters from Nuenen. For more than 42 years the landscaper and Top Gardener of the Eindhoven region and far beyond. The company of Fons Linders and Jan Verhoeven designs the most stunning gardens, known for their natural beauty, durability and quality. Timeless, atmospheric and characteristic. Not for nothing have several of their gardens already been awarded prizes, including that of “Garden of the Year 2019/2020” for an extremely special pond garden in Nuenen. For this year they have been nominated again for a beautiful project in Waalre. The results are not yet known.

“Our company has all disciplines in the gardening field in-house,” Jan points out. ‘This enables us to work efficiently and completely take care of the customer. Not only for the construction of paving and planting, but also for the construction of (swimming) ponds, swimming pools, sprinkler systems, custom-made garden houses and saunas you can come to us.’

‘From design to construction and emergency business maintenance of your garden, everything can be taken care of by us. With only one point of contact for you at all times. How pleasant is that? Jan and Fons and their team don’t shy away from challenges, whether it’s a roof garden on a residential tower, an indoor garden or the development of an entire landscape of more than 20,000 m2.

When creating a garden design, the client’s wishes are the starting point, to which we add our creativity so that the garden is in balance with your home and your surroundings. An important part of the design is the choice

of materials and plantings to create the garden that suits you. A garden with character: ‘Whether you go for a rural, sleek, maintenance-free, Mediterranean or, say, a woodland garden, we like to give the perception that your garden has been there for years. Perfectly finished down to the smallest details, timeless and a true extension of your home. In which you feel at home and enjoy the changing colors of the trees and plants each season.

Jan proudly states that the equestrian world now also knows how to find the company: ‘In 2019, we provided the complete landscaping around the Evergates Stables. The design and construction of the Stables, as well as the gardens, irrigation, riding surfaces and fencing but also the complete construction management was our responsibility. In other words: delivery within budget and on time! We are currently completing the landscaping of the also famous Begijnhoeve in Postel. We distinguish ourselves because we have all the expertise in-house to take on the management of such large projects in addition to the design and construction’.

Peace, space, privacy or exuberance, for Fons Linders garden masters, everything must always be 200% right. Only then are they satisfied. And you don’t always need a lot of space to make a very nice garden. Which you keep looking at and enjoy all year long. A garden that is becoming more and more beautiful. Year after year.

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