From design to full realization

From design to full realization

Warmth and coziness; these are the keywords of this harmonious interior design. This attractive house is located in the Brabant Kempen. Previously, the living space was old and had never been taken care of. As a result, this room was hardly in use. The residents needed a place where they would feel at home and where there was plenty of room for personal belongings.

At the beginning of this overall project, we worked with the residents to find an interior design that would suit them. This resulted in remodeling with a complete metamorphosis as the end result. Throughout the renovation, Hemels Wonen’s project managers fully supervised the project, so the residents didn’t have to worry about anything. AFTER the remodel, our stylists put the final touches on the i’s.

a living room filled with furniture and a large window

The living room exudes warmth with plenty of space for their personal items. We created this warm atmosphere by using soft tones and textures. Moreover, the cozy atmosphere is enhanced by the room divider placed in the living room. The see-through fireplace creates a spatial effect and brings the two rooms together. Despite the spaciousness brought by the fireplace, the cozy and cozy atmosphere is maintained. In the house, we have created several seating options, so you can be cozy with both a small and a large group. On one side of the fireplace the two lounge sofas and on the other side a spacious living room with plenty of seating options. The color tones, textures and furniture; everything in this overall project is perfectly balanced.

a living room with a bed and a curtain

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