Garden landscaping modern garden

Garden landscaping modern garden

Don Hoveniers is responsible for landscaping the modern garden. The clean finish and detailing makes the garden a typical garden by Don Gardeners. The garden was created entirely in consultation and close cooperation with the residents. Even during the construction of the home Don Gardeners got to work on the garden, so the front yard was ready when we moved in. Likewise, this way Don Hoveniers could ensure that, for example, the cables and pipes for the garden and swimming pool could be included in the construction of the house. An important advantage in landscaping a modern garden.

The desire to apply the Belgian bluestone was evident among the residents. This Belgian bluestone has a special window saw cut finish that gives it a tough appearance. The stone type was also used in the house. Garden landscaping modern garden? Don Gardeners is considered the specialist.

Modern garden with swimming pool

The stately mansion was designed and built by Livingstone Villa Construction and Tizo Construction Company. The design of the modern garden with pool comes from the hand of Studio REDD. The beautiful pool is by Compass Pools. The modern garden with pool is all about family life. That the family enjoys being together is also evidenced by the large eat-in kitchen and the placement of the pool. The eat-in kitchen is a central place for the family. It was therefore chosen to place the pool near this living kitchen. The pool can be accessed from the kitchen through the large French doors. To bring tranquility to the garden design, a single connecting lawn was chosen around the house. This gives the modern garden with pool a spacious look.

Natural garden

The abundance of greenery creates a natural garden. We see yew and beech hedges and many large (multi-stemmed) trees, among other things. Thus, the privacy in the natural garden is great and the garden has a mature look. The borders in the garden are planted with a mix of perennials and shrubs that alternate in terms of flowering period so that there is year-round flowering to experience in the garden. The borders are planted in two layers. The back layer is an evergreen strip of evergreen shrubs such as Rhododendrons. Before that, a strip of shrubs and perennials was planted. These provide blooms and seasonal experiences in the natural garden.

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