Garden perfection at Masters of LXRY 2019

Garden perfection at Masters of LXRY 2019

The ultimate in luxury outdoor living. And all at the country’s leading lifestyle fair. Together with numerous professionals and passionate specialists, garden designer Erik van Gelder is setting the new tone in exclusive garden design at the Masters of LXRY 2019. A ravishing design that counts as a great eye-catcher. A realization of garden dreams. A clever piece of garden architecture in which the whole is so much more than the sum of its parts.

On no less than 360 square meters, a total of sixteen top companies are displaying a stunning total concept. Despite their differing solutions, the partners have important common denominators. From innovation and excellence to mastery and sustainability. “With this overall picture, I want to inspire and encourage reflection. Nature, ordered with respect for its intrinsic beauty, is an asset in all seasons. Beautiful to see and a privilege to experience. A place to press the pause button and enjoy the outdoors to the fullest,” says the inspired garden designer Erik van Gelder, who is known for his recognizable signature: luxury oases with maximum aesthetics and sensory experience. Although his realizations cannot be pigeonholed, class and quality always prevail.

To realize the 360-square-meter garden dream, Erik van Gelder and the partners lifted each other to extreme heights. In the luxury outdoor space, craftsmanship, creativity and high quality merge to create an unprecedented display of luxury. A sophisticated composition in which all architectural components are in ultimate symbiosis with natural elements such as water, fire and beautiful planting.

In the garden, style and comfort go hand in hand. In addition to multiple seating and lounging areas, we see a perfectly-equipped outdoor kitchen, a swimming pool and luxurious outdoor living areas, among other things, reflected in the beautiful design. The layout of the spacious outdoor space is balanced and thoughtful, with subtle differences in heights (e.g., via decking) and a captivating play of transparency versus surprise. A walk through this outdoor space offers a different experience from each spot. Tranquility versus rhythm, tight versus organic, low versus high, open versus closed, smooth versus rough. Seemingly opposite characteristics form a magnificent whole in which even the extremes are still tangential. And the wifi? That one works!

Curious about this masterpiece of garden design? The Masters of LXRY will take place from December 12 to 16, 2019. The venue is RAI Amsterdam. For tickets and more information, visit

Garden design: Erik van Gelder
Garden landscaping: DON Hoveniers, Meker Gardens
Swimming pool: Forest Pools & Wellness
Pavements: TRIVIUM – Masters of Stone
Lighting: in-lite
Slatted canopy: Corradi
Parasols: Tuuci
Outdoor furniture: Royal Botania i.c.w. Kerkhof Laren
WiFi and home automation:
Outdoor living area: BARASSO®
Concrete tiles: Schellevis
Pergola: Aluminum Pergola
Outdoor kitchen: Borrle
Fireplaces: Wintermans Eersel Stoves & Fireplaces
Wood storage and planters: Zeno Products
Partner: Chic Gardens

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