Garden with artificial grass benefits

Garden with artificial grass benefits

More and more people are choosing artificial turf. Garden with artificial grass benefits: The most common reason for choosing artificial grass is the minimal maintenance required. Spraying, mowing, fertilizing and re-seeding natural grass is a thing of the past. Regardless of seasonal influences, location of the garden and available time of the garden owner, the artificial grass is and always remains green.

The development of artificial grass has not stood still; artificial grass now looks quite natural. As a result, acceptance has grown and more and more people are choosing this product. In addition, it is ideal for people with (grass) allergies, pets love it and so do owners because no more muddy paws running into the house. Garden with artificial grass benefits? Definitely!

Advantages of artificial grass

The purchase and installation of artificial turf is admittedly a larger investment than laying natural grass. However, natural grass is more expensive to maintain than artificial grass. In fact, it takes a lot of water, fertilization, time and attention to make and keep real grass beautiful. Compared to paved surfaces such as tile or wood, artificial turf is not more expensive. The advantage of artificial grass in this equation, is that water permeability is better than with paving; something that is certainly an important argument in favor of artificial grass in the Netherlands.

Disadvantages of artificial turf

There are also some drawbacks: artificial turf gets hotter than natural grass in the summer and does not color with the seasons. With prolonged use, artificial turf is subject to normal wear and tear. This depends on the intensity with which the artificial turf is used. There are measures that can be taken that prevent flattening, such as laying stepping stones in paths that are frequently walked on. The shape of the artificial grass fibers is also a determining factor. Artificial grass with a so-called “V-shape” is much less likely to flatten than artificial grass without that shape.

Purchasing artificial turf

It is important to get good advice when you decide to switch to artificial turf. When purchasing artificial turf, definitely consider having a professional do the installation. Improper installation, especially of larger areas, can lead to unsatisfactory results.

This article was written by specialist: Sander Kamsteeg of Kamsteeg Gardens

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