Gas prices are mega; Netherlands seeks solutions

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Due to the extreme rise in gas prices, wood is being fired more.

Natural gas alternatives
Wood: with a good built-in wood dust filter, you capture all pollutants. This prevents pollution in the air.
Bioethanol: with the updated modernized control system, safety is 100% guaranteed. The gel is also odorless these days: an optimal substitute for gas and you will enjoy hours of heat and real yellow flames.
Water vapor: water vapor can also be fired. This will not give you heat, but it will bring atmosphere. Atmosphere-enhancing, then, is the attachable LED lighting in the fireplace. Other gas types: natural gas is most commonly used, prices are very high. A small cutback can be Propane gas or Butane gas.
Electric: electric heating is also possible. Gives off less heat but also brings atmosphere.

What is most often chosen as a substitute for gas? No gas, no wood? Choose the updated bio ethanol (no remodeling; no duct needed!). See on our profile which fireplaces are fired on the updated bio ethanol.

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