get to know: sparq gardens

get to know: sparq gardens
“Every garden needs something special, a sparkle, a ‘sparq’!”

Stoop Tuinaanleg enters a scintillating future as Sparq Tuinen starting August 1. Along with the revamped look, the new name will go on to create even greater brand awareness and a clear positioning for the company. Sparq is a combination of landscaping and design realizations. Following the green course under the name Stoop Gardens, Sparq Gardens is growing into a household name of beautiful gardens.

It was a logical step for us to choose a new name for our company. Our philosophy does not come from one person, but the DNA is in every employee. The name “Sparq” is a nod to the eureka moment; the genius idea for a garden that comes to mind like a comet.

With a Sparq Garden, you know what you’re getting. Sleek design, lush fill-in – this is how Sparq Gardens sees the core of its philosophy. The style? Sparq Gardens are conversational, playfully chic and characterized by diverse use of materials. Design and quality highly valued. Tight borders interspersed with lush greenery. Sparq does not go for easy. Or boring. Sparq surprises!

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