Give a Wabi Sabi character to your home with Dauby!

Give a Wabi Sabi character to your home with Dauby!

Are you someone who loves imperfections in your home, and appreciate things like unfinished brick walls, cracks in your dishes or imperfect door and furniture knobs?

Then the interior trend Wabi Sabi, or the art of imperfection ‘, is right up your alley! Wabi Sabi is a Japanese philosophy of life that has been around for centuries. Concepts such as “simplicity,” “living in harmony with nature” and “the beauty of aging” are entirely central to this style, and therefore fit perfectly with Dauby’s natural materials.

Interior project in Wabi Sabi style for Serge Anton

Dauby recently collaborated on an interior design project for photographer Serge Anton. The goal? Turning his home into Wabi Sabi style and doing so to the last detail.

Craft casting process in sand molds

Because our furniture hardware is made by hand and cast in sand molds, it takes on a grainy surface and thus has small imperfections here and there.

Furthermore, our natural materials are known for their living finish . So this means the older our batter gets, the more intense the hues and the more beautiful the result!

So for photographer Serge Anton, we’ll just have to wait until the Wabi Sabi style in his home really comes into its own…

Curious to see all the atmospheric images of this project?


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