Hand-drawn pen drawings

Hand-drawn pen drawings

You’ve surely come across them, the characterful pen drawings from our design department. Through the various social media channels, you can comment on the various options that are pictured. These hand-drawn artist impressions carry our DNA: attention and craft.

What does it look like?

Whether you want interior or exterior steel doors, pivot doors, sliding doors or harmonica doors, you end up asking yourself, “What does it look like? The drawings remove all doubts from your mind. Every issue we solve with this. Is a three-square glass division more beautiful than a four-square? Or, on the contrary, should we choose a completely different subject division? Should the steel doors run to the ceiling or not. Put the different versions side by side and you’ll see right away!

At every stage you taste attention and craft

How do we proceed?

When measuring the steel doors, we take a picture of the situation. At your site, we will see what is possible and then create a design that fits you and your home. It is a matter of relationships. Do you want the space to appear wider or taller? What is the style of your home? Is your interior classic, modern or rustic? What do you like? These are all aspects that factor into the final design. Do we have a picture of what it should be? Then our artist creates pen drawings as artist impressions.

Craftsmanship & Craftsmanship

So not only is the fabrication of steelwork an artisanal process. The design also comes about in this way. The hand-drawn mood drawings are made with passion and craft. They create the right feeling in both of us.

Behind every design is a story

Do you have an eye for detail? When everything is right, you see that. More importantly; then you feel it. In the “Design Considerations” video, Leo gives a sneak peek. Using realized examples, he explains what considerations may come into play and how they have been incorporated into various designs. The more he tells, the more you come to the realization that a beautiful result can never be a coincidence.

Close up

Details are hard to see in the photo, video or mood drawing. Yet they are very decisive for the end result. Only in real life and with good light on it, do you see what different atmospheres the various details carry. A close up in the showroom will help you make the right choices. We constantly renew the showroom to keep surprising you. Let’s meet!

Naftali Leidelmeijer, Exclusive Steel

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