‘Haute cuisine’ in Glaze

‘Haute cuisine’ in Glaze

the colorful tiles of QuintaLisque

Source of inspiration
The glazing of QuintaLisque’s handmade ceramic tiles is all about combining carefully selected pigments. In the creative process of constant renewal, the natural colors of vegetables and fruits are an inexhaustible source of inspiration. Artis natura magistra … after all, nature remains the teacher of art.

Pigments in vegetables and fruits
Deep red, dark green, pale yellow, cyan blue … vegetables and fruits are bursting with pigments. Top chefs know how to color their creations with it. After all, “haute cuisine” is not only about taste, but also about formatting and “design.

Glazing of tiles
Pigments are formed during plant maturation. Ripe not only means edible, but also “full on color.” When glazing tiles, it is the same way. The colors develop in the baking oven. In nature the sun does the work, in the baking oven the stove. Because without heat, it won’t work.

Attention and craftsmanship
Glaze artists seek to understand the essence of pigments so that they can do them justice in their creations. This requires love, respect, open-mindedness, attention, craftsmanship and knowledge of materials. Features of the “haute cuisiniers” who manage to elevate QuintaLisque’s tiles to the highest level of ceramic design every time.

With tiles from QuintaLisque in your kitchen, cooking automatically becomes “haute cuisine.

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