Here’s why an outdoor kitchen is essential for comfortable outdoor living

Here’s why an outdoor kitchen is essential for comfortable outdoor living

That outdoor living has been booming lately is not a surprising trend. In times of always being indoors a lot and having little social interaction, there is nothing nicer to enjoy one’s own garden. But this is not just a trend seen in “corona time. For 10 years, there has been considerable development for comfortable outdoor living. And in COOXS’ vision, that outdoor living is truly complete with a luxurious and comfortable outdoor kitchen. In this blog, we explain why that is so.

The comfort of an outdoor kitchen
For years in countries like America and Australia, outdoor cooking has been a very popular. And like so many trends, this has blown over to Europe. The comfort and conviviality that barbecue brings is the reason that for more than 15 years, barbecue has been gaining momentum in the Netherlands. But a barbecue is also often limited in options. Thus, the problem quickly arises that when your guests are enjoying the comfort, you as host or hostess are mostly busy walking back and forth from your home to the patio. A complete outdoor kitchen combines the best of both worlds. It offers the comfort and coziness of a barbecue and also includes the other features you need. From a built-in sink with faucet to refrigerators and extra gas burners for side dishes. Thanks to our customized concept, your COOXS outdoor kitchen can be completely customized to your needs and requirements.

Ultimate design in the garden
Since the introduction of COOXS, the days of poorly finished outdoor kitchens made of crude materials are a thing of the past. We see it as our challenge to take the design and workmanship of our outdoor kitchens to a new level every day. And this is reflected in the sleek design and luxurious materials. For example, the flexible cabinets and practical drawers are made of sturdy aluminum, finished with a chic powder coating in your desired color. Combined with the Dekton countertops and luxury accessories, this allows for a suitable design for every situation. This makes the outdoor kitchen an eye-catcher in the garden for 12 months. Because thanks to the high-quality materials, you don’t need to cover the kitchen in winter either. Comfort and design in ultimate balance.

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