Here’s why being outside is so healthy

Here’s why being outside is so healthy

A Wageningen University study shows that more than 9 in 10 Dutch people find it very healthy to be outdoors. More than half of people consider themselves an outdoorsman. This while the Dutch spend over 90% of their time indoors. Because when there is no sunshine we stay inside en masse. So we don’t get out that much. But that is about to change once you read this blog.

Keeping your mind sharp
According to researcher Agnes van den Berg, a daily dose of nature keeps your mind sharp. After twenty minutes in nature, the stress hormone in our bodies goes down demonstrably. You don’t even have to move for this. How ideal is that! Just being present in nature is enough. Our tip: Sit down, let nature take effect on you and forget everything around you. Enjoy nature.

Get rid of that winter dip
Winter is a dark time. The sun shines less, it rains more often and it is very cold. Many people suffer from winter blues in the winter. People with winter blues experience extreme fatigue and stay indoors. Still, it is important to get outside. When you are outside, your body starts producing more melatonin. This hormone allows you to sleep much better at night. The more melatonin, the better you sleep. And let’s face it, we could all use some extra sleep right?

Almost unbelievable
You won’t believe it, but research from Wageningen University has shown that people recover more prosperously when they look out over a green environment. Just looking out over green surroundings was enough. The hospital patients who were recovering, in a room overlooking the trees, needed less strong painkillers and went home faster. Thus, a green environment even helps the healing process. Almost implausible, but proven!

Enjoy under the patio cover
In short, being outside has all kinds of benefits. Our distinctive patio covers allow you to get outside more than before. This is a wonderful place to enjoy the silence. Or just the ideal place for an evening of drinks with friends. It is a place where people meet. This is where stories are created and memories are made. Choose a patio cover with heating so you can be outside season in, season out. Together with friends or family, enjoy the freedom a canopy provides.

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