High-end fire tables from RIVELIN

High-end fire tables from RIVELIN

Bring exclusivity and radiance to your patio with the fire tables from British brand RIVELIN. Thanks to their unique, modern design and extraordinary quality, these exclusive fire tables are at the top of the market.

RIVELIN has been making the world’s most desirable fire tables since 2012, divided into three different collections. Here you can choose from more than 20 different models which are completely assembled and built according to your wishes.

All RIVELIN fire tables are handcrafted in Sheffield, England, by skilled artisans; made entirely of stainless steel or (partially) COR-TEN steel and topped with a granite or Dekton® ceramic top. As a result, you are always buying a low-maintenance and durable product.

RIVELIN fire tables are the result of high-quality craftsmanship combined with technology. For example, all gas fire tables feature the unique Protean Variable Air Technology™, which ensures a more beautiful flame effect and clean, soot-free combustion. You won’t find these levels of beauty, precision and quality anywhere else. Our passion for detail is reflected in every RIVELIN product.

Liberty Collection: Plug & Play fire tables
The Liberty Collection is designed for gardens and patios where installing a permanent gas line is difficult or very costly. Thanks to the simple Plug & Play system, any model in this collection can easily fit a standard gas cylinder into the housing. This eliminates the need for installation by a gas installer. The Liberty Collection consists of three different models of fire tables that can be assembled completely to the customer’s wishes.

Professional Collection: for garden designs with a fixed gas line
The fire tables in the Professional Collection require a permanent gas line and will add unique charm to any garden design. They offer great design flexibility and feature powerful burners that can be connected to bottled gas (propane, butane) or natural gas. The Professional Collection models come standard with manual controls on the fireplace, but can also be equipped with a remote control and/or remote control (touchpad). Installation of these fire tables should be performed by a certified (gas) installer.

Woodland Collection: wood-fired exclusivity
Each fire table from the RIVELIN Woodland Collection makes a bold statement in any garden and on any patio. With uncompromising attention to detail and using only the finest materials, we build unique fire tables that you will enjoy for years to come. Put some more logs on the fire, sit back and enjoy the warmth and glow of an authentic wood fire.

CO2 reduction: working together for a better world
At RIVELIN, we understand better than anyone that everyone has a contribution to make in minimizing the effects of climate change. Therefore, we have partnered with global reforestation projects with the goal of planting millions of trees each year to help reduce global CO2 levels. We do this by donating to these reforestation projects with every RIVELIN fire table sold, so they can continue their good and important work.

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