High-quality living in ultimate experience center

High-quality living in ultimate experience center

Kembra opens Design Center 136. After a major renovation of the building it moved into in March 2017, Kembra is proud to open the distinctive and inspiring Design Center 136. While business associates, architects and suppliers are invited on Friday, Nov. 3, to witness the high-quality residential inspiration, it will be Open House on Nov. 4 at the Purmerend-based experience center.

Visitors can learn not only about Kembra’s own high-quality custom work, but also about Daacha and Jim Bouwmeester’s quality flooring, DecoLegno and Baars & Bloemhoff’s distinctive sheet materials and the quality of skilled artisans, among others.

Inspiration Center Design Center 136
Experience, atmosphere, craftsmanship and quality. The Kembra-opened Design Center 136 does not have the hallmark of a showroom, but exudes the feeling of fine living. Complete custom kitchens, eye-catching bathrooms and a variety of high-end living room arrangements give visitors the warm feeling of home. Design Center 136 is the ideal place for architects, construction supervisors or private clients to find inspiration and, if desired, put together a complete construction team for the new or remodeled home. Indeed, Design Center 136 brings together multiple disciplines in high-end living under one roof. Working together and strengthening each other are therefore important issues within the experience center. In addition to quality, the various parties also have the high level of finishing as a common denominator and are inspiring sparring partners for architects and developers. If desired, the assembled construction teams can go into one of the meeting rooms within Design Center 136 for periodic construction meetings.

Atmosphere, experience and quality
The living experience is at the heart of the building, but there is also room for roaring machinery and the sweat of the craftsmen themselves. Situated in a U-shape around the living arrangements is Kembra’s workshop. Kembra specializes in designing and creating beautiful custom interiors. Whether it is a handmade bathroom, kitchen or furniture. The craftsmen at Kembra make it all love in their own workshop. With the view of this workshop, Kembra adds additional experience to the inspiring Design Center 136. Kembra works with ENZO Architecture & Interior and Designa Interior & Architecture, among others, and is known for its use of natural materials and clean lines in its custom work. In addition, the company manages to distinguish itself with the craftsmanship present, the creativity of its employees and the high level of finishing of its projects.

Unique products and customization
Design Center 136 offers a high-quality total package in luxury living. A beautiful place where quality, customization and unique products merge into a true experience. Meet the high-quality parties presenting at Design Center 136. From Daacha Design Flooring to Jim Bouwmeester Flooring and from DecoLegno to Baars & Bloemhoff. Combined with Kembra’s beautiful custom work, the work of these quality companies is beautifully displayed in the Purmerend-based Design Center 136.

Friday, November 3
Entrance by invitation

Saturday, November 4
Open House

Design Center 136

Network 136
1446 WR Purmerend

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