Home automation in the garden

Home automation in the garden

Home automation is often associated with automation of technology, systems and controls in a home or commercial building. And while this is not incorrect, home automation goes beyond your home alone. Literally. Integrate home automation into your garden and make your garden an extension of your home, with the same comfort and enjoyment of living as you are used to indoors.

Extension of your living room
In recent years, the garden and patio have increasingly become an extension of the living room. The house and the garden also often fit together seamlessly in terms of living atmosphere. Then the lovely spots in the garden should provide you with the same comfort and living enjoyment as your favorite spots inside, shouldn’t they?

Music connects
Music goes beyond the back door. Simply connect wirelessly to your sound carrier and stream your favorite tunes to your outdoor speakers. These can be used anywhere these days. So put speakers in strategic places in the garden, or invisible among the plantings, and enjoy. But you can also watch your favorite TV show, a movie or sports game in the garden with the latest outdoor TVs.

Lights out, spotlight on!
Smart features of home automation you also use in the garden. This way, the garden lights automatically switch on or off. Have outdoor drinks, dinner, read a book or enjoy music? Choose the right scene and the lighting will adjust itself. Of course, the pool, outdoor Jacuzzi or sauna will be integrated into the system. As well as the sprinkler system and pond.

Keep intruders out
For security, we use invisible detection. An intruder is quickly spotted and spotlighted. A siren or message requesting to leave the premises sounds through the speakers. At the same time, you receive a notification on your mobile and keep an eye on everything. Additional benefit; through that same app, you can see what is happening in the garden 24/7, anywhere in the world.

In short, even outside, Enjoy Technology!

Curious about the possibilities for your home and garden? Visit the Experience Center of Prowork in Bladel and experience for yourself the luxury and comfort of home automation.

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