Hot tub

Hot tub

A hot tub in the garden for a true wellness atmosphere and experience. You have some work to do, but of course, this is just preliminary fun for your relaxation moment. It starts when you agree to go into the hot tub together. After all, you need to make some preparations to ensure that you can later get into a lovely heated bath.

Wood firing
You need to make sure you have enough wood to keep the hot tub heated. In doing so, the wood should consist of a number of small and larger blocks and, of course, it is important that the wood is clean and dry. You have stoked the fire correctly when you can burn larger blocks slowly and little smoke comes out of the stove pipe.

How does firing work?
It takes about 2 hours for the water to reach the ideal temperature of 38 to 40 degrees. Be careful not to fire too much wood; you can’t let the hot tub cool down as quickly. When the water reaches 35 degrees it is best to stop firing and let the fire burn out.

The advantage of a hot tub is that it does not have to stay heated continuously when you are not using it. In addition, you can change the water of the hot tub once a week and do not have to use cleaning agents or chlorine. So that’s much better for your skin and airways. You can clean the tub with a cloth and all-purpose cleaner after using the hot tub a few times. Then rinse with the garden hose.

Wellness Garden
A wellness element in the garden has become hugely popular in recent years. Finding relaxation in private when it suits you or the experience and beauty of the wooden hot tub in the garden. Plenty of reasons to add this extra luxury to your garden.

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