How big shall I make the opening?

How big shall I make the opening?

I can determine the day size myself. How big shall I make the opening?” he asks. They have not yet decided whether they want double doors or a door with a sidelight. Together we look at the floor plan of their home for options. How would I do it for myself?

Where to start.
decidewhat you think is a comfortable size for one steel door. Walk through a door 80 cm wide, then through a door 90 cm wide, and finally through one one meter wide. In our showroom, you’ll have it done in minutes.

The test
The difference is huge! At the door 80 cm wide, I see the man with his shoulder turned inward. The door is too narrow for him. In practice, he will push both doors open at the same time instead of choosing one side. The 90 cm wide door opens much more spaciously. In our setup, he chooses the right door to walk through. The one-meter door feels big; now something really opens. As an eye-catcher, the last option is best.

How high will the doors be? Ideally, we would like to make the doors up to the ceiling. With this we emphasize height very nicely. But sometimes this is not possible because there will be a support beam above the door. In historic buildings, the ceiling is often 3 meters or higher. In the steel workshop, I sometimes see doors ready less than 2.30 meters but also higher than 3 meters. For these clients, the doors will be about 2.6 meters high.

How big should you make the hole?
160 cm?

Personally, I think a 1.6-meter day size is questionable. Our test shows that double doors of 80 cm per door is a possibility. The doors open together very well, but ankle is too narrow. A one-meter door with a 60-cm sidelight is very nice solution in the proportion of the golden ratio.

180 cm?

A daylight size of 1.8 meters is very suitable for double doors. Through doors of 90 cm each you walk through with ease. This feels very natural.

200 cm?

If you have or create the space for double doors of both one meter, then you really have something special: Generous imposing steel doors. Remember that double doors of 160 cm are as expensive as those of 200 cm, in fact, it is the same amount of work. That makes this option very tempting.

We make your home more beautiful
As far as I am concerned, the test passed. Since they want double doors and there is enough space, the daylight size will be 200 cm. Are you also unsure about proportions and dimensions? Make an appointment in the showroom and you’ll feel the difference for yourself. You can easily schedule an appointment online at a time that is convenient for you.

Naftali Leidelmeijer, Exclusive Steel

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