How do you choose the right door hardware?

How do you choose the right door hardware?

Door hardware as a finishing touch

A study found that, on average, a consumer buys door handles two or three times in their lifetime. This is usually done when a new home is moved into or during the somewhat larger renovations. In doing so, people are increasingly realizing that the standard inexpensive aluminum door hardware does have very little distinction. Once people orient themselves to other door handles, a whole new world often opens up to them.

Yet door handles are not the first thing people think of when they think of interior design. Although window and door handles are primarily functional, if chosen well, they can add a very stylish “touch” to your home and complement the rest of your interior beautifully. Because door handles have a kind of inconspicuous “obviousness,” we often overlook them. But if you do pay attention to them, they are more important than you think.

Door hardware and more
Door hardware is a term used by connoisseurs for everything that sits on or next to your interior and exterior doors. For example, consider not only door handles on rosettes or shields, but also the letter plate in the outer door, the doorbell and a door stop are part of the door hardware. The survey also indicates that people increasingly value stylish door hardware. People with an eye for design are increasingly paying attention. However, they still don’t always know what to look for when choosing the right door hardware for their home.

The right choice
To choose the right window and door handles to suit your home, you can follow the following roadmap:

1. Ensure consistency
The style of your furniture, the look of your home: make sure you make it one fitting whole. For example, when choosing door hardware for your front door, include the mailbox, doorbell and house number in the same color and style. Also remember to match the shape of the hardware, so no rectangular letterplate and an oval bell push. You have to provide consistency or it won’t go well.

2. Doors are very decisive
Even though you have a 1930s-style home, that doesn’t necessarily mean you have to decorate your home in that same style. Maybe you combine super sleek and modern shapes in your interior. The determining factor here, however, is your choice of doors. Are these very sleek or just romantic with compartments and small windows. That’s what you base your choice of door handles on. And then also consider window handles in the same style. With that, you often achieve a very different look.

3. Appropriate styles
For every home style, there is a product line that adds an extra element to interior design. The products match many interior styles and tastes: modern & sleek, country & classic or vintage & retro. In a country & classic style, you will see mostly brass door hardware with ornate design. In a modern and sleek interior you often see stainless steel, a fresh and clean style. The popular color right now is black door hardware.

4. Materials
Go for stainless steel or brass, or the currently highly sought-after matte black. Does the material have a good, abrasion-resistant finish, so the color stays nice and the door handle wears much less easily? We often don’t realize that sometimes you grab a door handle as many as 15 times in a day. If there are 4 of you in a family, you understand that the quality of the material deserves a lot of attention.

Need advice?
Unsure about your choice in door hardware? Then you can always contact us via the contact form on our website A brief description and the addition of photos of the interior or exterior will help us provide you with appropriate advice.

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