I do not want to cut back on quality

I do not want to cut back on quality

I am regularly asked why I work exclusively with Led lighting from European A-brand manufacturers. The answer is, its quality is better. And not only is the quality better, you are also assured of constant deliveries, as became clear during the corona crisis. Furthermore, I get a two-year, three-year and sometimes even five-year warranty and the assurance that broken parts can be replaced.

Cheap is expensive
I frequently encounter it in gardens I visit. Lamps, fixtures and wiring that are completely depleted after two years. In most cases, this involves (low-voltage) lighting manufactured in the Far East. Indeed cheaper, but if a part needs to be replaced it won’t. You have to completely replace everything over and over again and I think that’s a real waste. Moreover, these lights are often not resistant to the weather and acidic soil conditions in the Netherlands. As a result, lamps completely corrode and/or are filled with water, leaving them with hardly any light output or short-circuiting.

Maximum creative freedom
And then there is another reason to choose LED lighting from European manufacturers. I work with 220 volts because then I can create the effect I envision anywhere in the garden. This is because with weak current, you will never have enough power to, for example, beautifully illuminate a large tree with a single lamp. In addition, I have access to a wide range of lamps which allows me to use exactly the one I need. My garden lighting is all about atmosphere and harmony and I can only achieve that effect with these lights. LED lighting that provides a beautiful and natural light.

Every garden in a different light
For me, a garden is a living work of art, which I bring to life in the dark with my light creations. Creations that put every garden in a different light. And I am talking about unique lighting solutions that fit the house and garden, the total living experience. How that works in practice? Please contact me to make an appointment.

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