Impress with Gaggenau kitchen appliances: a luxury statement in any kitchen

Impress with Gaggenau kitchen appliances: a luxury statement in any kitchen

For those who want only the very best and have a nose for the extraordinary, Gaggenau kitchen appliances are a logical choice. Designed with today’s professional kitchen in mind, but made for both private kitchen princes and princesses and the easy home chef. With a look that suits both a luxurious and sleek kitchen design and a more robust, pure look.

Whatever you choose, every Gaggenau kitchen appliance possesses the typical German design that characterizes Gaggenau, which stands for high-quality materials, sublime detailing, infallible technology and optimum ease of use. Each unit is handmade at the Lipsheim factory and extensively tested before it goes out the door. With Gaggenau, you are assured of appliances that will last a very long time, both in terms of longevity and timeless design.

Every Gaggenau kitchen appliance is designed to impress. Subtle through design that seems to flow through into your kitchen design, such as the new, 90-centimeter wide induction cooktop with an integrated and invisible exhaust system, or the crystal clear glass downdraft worktop extractor that emerges only when needed. Aren’t you afraid to make a more visible statement in the kitchen? Make a grand gesture with 400 series ovens. The sturdy, handleless doors that protrude slightly and clear glass windows immediately catch the eye. Are you a true wine lover? Let your wine collection shine in a stainless steel Gaggenau wine climate cabinet. Open one of the solid doors and you will be as impressed with the feel as the look. There is simply no other brand that can match this sense of sublime quality. But better experience it for yourself.

The largest Gaggenau showroom in Europe is located in Hoofddorp, and is currently being completely renovated to reopen its doors in early September 2021. Make an appointment now through our website, and soon experience, feel and taste the difference of Gaggenau appliances when you review the best solutions for your kitchen with a Gaggenau specialist. Gaggenau makes no concessions, nor should you have to.

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