in-lite introduces DISC Concept

in-lite introduces DISC Concept

In-lite is proud to introduce the DISC Concept. This very complete garden lighting line consists of floor lamps (12V), wall lamps (12V and 230V) and pendant lamps (12V and 230V). The 100-230V pendant lights are also dimmable by hand movement, a completely new technology within the in-lite range.

Discover your way
During DISC’s design process, natural shapes and a subtle light exit were key. The light source in not directly visible, but is present in the form of a distinctive thin rim of diffused light. The concept is elegant and has a soft contemporary feel.

Disc & Disc Low
With their all-round shining light outlet, the DISC free-standing fixtures are the perfect fixtures to attractively illuminate colorful borders. Combining the two available heights (60 cm and 35 cm) between plantings creates a playful and atmospheric play of light in the garden.

Disc Wall & Disc Wall 100-230V
The DISC WALL wall lights (12V & 100-230V) can be used as real eye-catchers on a sleek wall but also as practical indicator lighting next to the front door or on a fence. DISC WALL gives an all around shining diffused light image and because the side is partially covered you do not look directly into the light source. In addition, DISC WALL 100-230V is dimmable via an LED dimmer switch (not included).

Disc Pendant & Disc Pendant 100-230V
The DISC PENDANT pendant lights turn any canopy, lounge area or garden table into an atmospheric setting where the outdoors can be enjoyed late into the night. For an extra atmospheric appearance, multiple DISC PENDANT fixtures can be mounted at different heights. It is also possible to order multiple DISC PENDANT 100-230V fixtures in one package. Then choose DISC PENDANT 100-230V DUO to mount two pendant lamps or DISC PENDANT 100-230V TRIPLE for three pendant lamps.

Human Dimming
Maximum ease of use is the starting point in all fixtures designed by in-lite. In the latest DISC Concept, this is reflected in the way DISC PENDANT 100-230V is dimmable. This lamp features a unique integrated dimmer that works based on hand movement. With HUMAN DIMMING, controlling lighting in a lounge set or above a garden table is truly a breeze.

The new DISC fixtures can now be ordered from various in-lite outlets at selected construction and ornamental paving wholesalers in the Netherlands and Belgium. DISC, DISC LOW and DISC PENDANT (12V) are available immediately. DISC WALL, the dimmable DISC WALL 100-230V, and DISC PENDANT 100-230V with HUMAN DIMMING are available starting this summer. Our sales partners will be happy to tell you more about the availability of DISC fixtures and how to incorporate in-lite lighting into the garden.

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