In-lite system

In-lite system

The biggest convenience of the in-lite system, though, is the 12-volt self-adhesive cable. When you lay these around the garden, it is very easy to safely adjust the system to your liking.

The cable can be easily extended through the cable connector or splitter. In addition, with slightly longer cables, you can apply the lights to any place you want in the garden.

The transformer cabinets, or “HUBs,” convert 230volt to 12volt to provide adequate power to the lamps. These HUBs are mounted on a wall and powered by plugging into an electrical outlet.

The smart technology and conveniences of the transformer make it easy to control the lights yourself or set them automatically. By using a motion sensor or a light/dark sensor, you can expand the system so you no longer have to operate it yourself.

The transformers come in 50, 100 and 150 volt amps. That is, you can add up to these lamp maxima to the system. At the 150-volt ampere, the transformer is a SMART-HUB. That is, it can be controlled via the in-lite app.

With the in-lite system, we are dealing with different types of lighting. Thus, a certain type of lighting can be used for each element in the garden. You can illuminate a tree with spotlights but also a facade or wall. Floor lamps allow you to add light to a path or border. Or you light up the walls in the garden or canopy for more atmosphere and practical lighting.

The available types of lighting:

  • Ground Spotlights
  • Tree Spots
  • Wall Lights
  • Floor lamps
  • Surface-mounted spotlights
  • Pendant lamps

The various stylish fixtures from in-lite create a unique garden experience. All fixtures are specially designed with attention to detail. Concepts have been developed in which you can use multiple types of lighting. Thus, the Ace is available as a wall lamp and two different floor lamps. The same is true of the Disc and Evo concepts.

New fixtures are being developed in addition to extensions of these concepts in order to apply garden lighting in the most creative ways.

The lamps use LED light and they feature a white, yet warm color.

The 230-volt wall fixtures are dimmable, a corresponding dimmer is also available. These can be plugged directly into an electrical outlet.

In-lite app
The in-lite app is free to download and you can connect via bluetooth. The app allows you to control the different lines of lighting. In addition, you can control multiple SMART HUBs on one app. The smart extender allows you to create a stronger bluetooth connection. This can work, for example, when the transformer is hanging in the back yard and you have insufficient signal from the house.

Quality is very important, which is why in-lite provides a 5-year warranty on fixtures and transformers. In addition, you can easily order lamps through our webshop and add or have them added to your current system. Do always ask if there is room on the transformer to add lights and where the cables are in the garden.

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