In May…. let’s not get crazy

In May…. let’s not get crazy

Whether it’s because of the Corona or not, it’s clear that consumers, meaning you, are willing to invest more money in the outdoor space, in plain Dutch; the garden.

From our inventory of design requests, the following elements almost always emerge these days: a swimming pool, a pool house/veranda or outdoor kitchen, a sun terrace, automatic irrigation, attractive garden lighting, lots of flowers, an eye for privacy, naturally attractive year-round and low maintenance.

This creates a lot of work for landscapers, pool builders and supplying companies such as plant and tree growers as well as suppliers of paving and (garden) wood. Scarcity threatens to occur, driving up prices and waiting times.

Don’t be fooled and keep choosing quality. We are saying goodbye now, or as soon as the opportunity arises, to suppliers and subcontractors who are now charging (unreasonable) prices as a result of the emerging tightness.

The same applies to you. Don’t be rushed into saying that otherwise it could be next year before they have time to do the work in your garden…What’s a year of waiting for your dream garden? In this “meantime,” it is quite possible to make something with limited resources to make that year pleasant. Haste has never been a good counselor.

Scarcity of products, on the other hand, also stimulates creativity. If frequently requested plants are no longer available we look for other varieties that often give an even more beautiful end result. For example, if hardwood is difficult to obtain, we look for suitable (more readily available) alternatives, such as bamboo. Allow yourself the space to be flexible as well…who knows what surprising insights/solutions this will lead to.

We are happy to support you in this search. A longer preparation time is not unusual for us. We currently have a number of projects in our portfolio that we started more than a year ago. There are various reasons for this (e.g., obtaining necessary permits, completion of new home, etc.). It does not make us impatient. We would rather take the time to work with you to come up with a well-prepared plan than make hasty (often retrospective) wrong decisions.

After all, we do not forget that your garden is also a precious asset.

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