Indoor & outdoor shutters

Indoor & outdoor shutters

Our lives are increasingly taking place outside. Cosy drinks with friends, a delicious dinner with the family or relaxing with a good book. Unfortunately, the unpredictable weather in the Netherlands sometimes throws a spanner in the works. How wonderful it would be if the beautiful moments of enjoyment did not have to be interrupted by rain. The innovative quality company StyleShutters offers the solution. After all, the specialist in shutters carries self-designed and created outdoor shutters, which offer protection from the weather that can make your wonderful time outside last a little longer. The proprietary concept of StyleShutters as an enrichment of your living pleasure.

“We’re a little shutter crazy,” laughs Gert-Jan Splinter. Together with small team of specialists, Gert-Jan is the driving force behind the success and innovative ideas of StyleShutters. Where he has been active in the world of shutters since 1992, a new discipline was added in 2017. “In southern Europe, the facades of large (office) buildings are often covered with outdoor shutters to keep the sun off the facade and windows. We made the translation to the private individual in the Netherlands with outdoor shutters for under a pergola, at the outdoor kitchen and for a sliding door or French doors. Such a system hardly existed in the Netherlands. After four years of development, fine-tuning and try outs, we finally managed to realize the perfect outdoor shutters in collaboration with a Spanish factory.”

Outdoor shutters
Not only do outdoor shutters look beautiful and extend the time you can enjoy the outdoors, they also contribute to the privacy of the occupants and the shutters work as a burglar retardant because they are lockable. The StyleShutters for outdoors are made of high-quality aluminum and are finished in color as desired; standard in silk gloss or, for an additional charge, in matte or in easy-care textured paint. It is also possible to combine an aluminum frame with wooden slats such as Western Red Cedar. Always perfectly suited to the customer’s requirements and fully customized.

Indoor shutters
But StyleShutters is much more than just outdoor shutters. The small-scale quality company with a showroom in The Arsenal has been a specialist in indoor shutters since its founding in 2005. Modern, classic or country; StyleShutters offers a suitable custom solution for every style of living. The company offers a total package that includes lime wood shutters (FSC® certified, of course), plastic shutters and aluminum shutters. In collaboration with Jan des Bouvrie, the sleek design shutter ‘by Jan des Bouvrie’ has been introduced to the market, but StyleShutters also sells the warm sturdy shutters Club, the Brocante Shutters and shutters in Oak or Teak.

Unprecedented possibilities from StyleShutters
The possibilities of the creations are endless, the result ever the same. Beautiful shutters that stylishly and effectively regulate the influences of sun, wind or rain both indoors and outdoors. In the blink of an eye you determine the perfect light and thus desired atmosphere for every mood. Playing with incident sunlight, needing privacy and lots of light in your home? StyleShutters’ shutters offer the solution.

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