Inside view: 19th century townhouse in hilly East Flanders

Inside view: 19th century townhouse in hilly East Flanders

For a photo shoot in the interior design magazine Home Sweet Home, we traveled to East Flanders. There we found a beautifully renovated townhouse, completely fitted with JASNO shutters and blinds. For as many as five years, the current residents have been working to restore this old town house from the 19th century to its former glory. The result is truly stunning! Are you reading?

Perfection down to the smallest detail
Inside the home, one immediately notices the high ceiling. All the authentic details, which have been renovated with great care, are also a feast for the eyes. So we enter the modern ground-floor sitting room where the sleek full-length bookcase contrasts nicely with the classic stained-glass sliding doors. As many as 4 weeks it took to restore the stained glass. There is no shortage of perfection.

In this modern space, the residents chose white shutters with a 63mm slat (silent view). A good match to the mood of the room. And also very practical since this room is located directly on the street side. Residents often close the lower panels of the shutters so that no outside view is possible. So they can read a book here undisturbed and still enjoy plenty of daylight.

Imposing Matte Black shutters
Through an authentic staircase we go up one floor where the kitchen and living room can be found. The imposing shutters in the Matte Black version with slat size 63mm immediately stand out here. And provide atmosphere with a capital S. The shutters for the garden doors are placed on a rail that allows them to be easily slid open and closed. Especially in terms of functionality and comfort, shutters offer a huge upgrade. Thus, the 12 surfaces, distributed among the four panels, can be operated independently of each other.

On the wall above the sofa are some photos of the home as it was before the remodel. And the authentic character of the mansion is also evident from the original floor.

Tough blinds with wide ladder band
In the area by the dining table, the four tall windows were chosen to have blinds with a 38mm ladder band. Also available in Matte Black color with a slat width of 50mm. So a nice match with the shutters on the garden side. Chapeau to the residents who have passionately transformed this old town home into a dazzling gem. With that photo shoot it worked out just fine as you can see from the pictures.

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