Interior as high quality as exterior

Interior as high quality as exterior

You have your own house built, the architect has drawn the villa of your dreams. How to move forward? Or maybe you’ve decided not to move but to remodel and modernize. You have great ideas how the overall picture should look, but how do you get the most out of the home?

When I, as an interior designer, am involved in the process early on, I can help think about the optimal layout and feasibility of the project. Issues such as sight lines, routing, light, materials and colors are integrated into the overall design. In accordance with the plan, the work is then scheduled. Provided that your architect only cares about the “shell” and does not deal with all the details ín the house, good interior designers specialize in helping you create and realize an exclusive custom interior. In this, architect and designer can work well together.

With the amount of inspiration you can take in through the various media, you may just find yourself copying a pretty picture and directing all sorts of parties to put it that way in your home. Very sometimes it succeeds nicely, but too often the results are also very disappointing. Take lighting technology and smart home systems, will everything soon function? What is the schedule, floor first and then wall finish or vice versa? A high home value also requires a high level of finish and matching products indoors. You want to get that right the first time. How to achieve that and be unburdened in it, I am happy to explain.

From sketch to turn-key design

Of course, the architecture as well as the interior must fit the residents like a tailor-made suit. As a layman, you often don’t have the knowledge and/or time to figure out what is on the market and more importantly, what is or is not possible. By combining functionality, technical knowledge and creativity, clients are included throughout the interior design process and helped to make the right choices. How disappointing it is when certain constructions in construction have already been implemented and cannot be reversed or where concessions have to be made to the original wishes. Consider, for example, technical features that should have been built in for light or a fireplace and then are no longer feasible or only at very high cost. So the essence is to have a final overall plan in time!

The investment in an interior designer pays for itself as this professional selects for you from the vast array, monitors quality and budget, and works with skilled parties to deliver your dream home. A perfect harmony between exterior and interior.

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