Interview Floris Klink, new owner Exclusive Steel

Interview Floris Klink, new owner Exclusive Steel

On Thursday, June 30, 2022, Leo directs me to search for a suitable successor as owner of Exclusive Steel for him. Here’s the story.

Beautiful work environment
“What a beautiful work environment! Do you still see that or are you used to it?” a client asks. I tell them that I have enjoyed driving here for 21 years. The realization that this is a special workplace never faded. But as Leo headed toward retirement age, I did wonder how we could maintain this wonderful work environment.

Profile: Fan of Exclusive Steel and skilled entrepreneur
Together we drew up a profile that the successor should meet. He or she must have an affinity for steel and be enthusiastic about the Exclusive Steel formula. The unique combination of showroom and steel workshop must remain intact. On our list were some of our customers and we started talking to them. But as if by some miracle, through Leo’s neighbor, we got the phone number of Floris Klink. Floris turns out to be a client of ours. We made beautiful steel doors for him several years ago. Floris is a long-time fan of Exclusive Steel and skilled entrepreneur. He and his three sons, Marijn, Olivier and Stijn are at the helm of the Flows Group in Dordrecht. We ask him about his experience as a customer and vision as a new owner.

Floris as a customer
Floris looks back, “In February 2020, we had double steel doors installed in Dordrecht. Even then I was excited about the impact steel doors have on the space. It defines the image of your home”. He continues: “What I ran into was that there is a huge range of suppliers, but a limited supply in high-quality materials. For example, there are a lot of aluminum doors offered, but I only like real steel.” That is the reason he chose Exclusive Steel: “I value craftsmanship and quality and I found that here”.

Vision as a new owner
His love of craftsmanship led him to the decision to take over Exclusive Steel: “Marijn, Olivier and Stijn are also 100% behind the decision. We believe that such a beautiful Dutch product has a right to exist. The craft and craftsmanship of Exclusive Steel fits seamlessly with the DNA of Flows group: high-quality customization.”. Now he walks through the showroom with a different feeling: “Yes, I am proud. But also especially proud of the team at Exclusive Steel. They are so involved! They have responded tremendously positively to developments”.

Service, warranty and heritage
Exclusive Steel wants to make a difference today but also tomorrow. Sometimes this requires a change. We have thus secured Exclusive Steel’s service, warranty and steel heritage for decades to come. Leo is currently training Olivier for day-to-day management. There is a lot of focus on knowledge transfer.

The same men of steel are at your disposal
The end result is not only what you see but also the story behind it: how it is made, who does it and with what materials. In a restaurant, the open kitchen allows you to see which chef makes your dish, how he does it and what ingredients he uses. We have implemented that principle: from our showroom you can look into the steel workshop and even walk around our “open kitchen. Having met the craftsmen who make your doors will give you more confidence in the end result. Your appreciation grows for the craftsmanship that adds value.

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