Keep the heat out with these blinds from JASNO

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Now that winter is almost behind us, we are again eagerly looking forward to spring. Finally those warm rays of sunshine in the face again. However, it is already wise to start thinking about the right awnings for next summer. With temperatures above 30 degrees, you especially want to keep the sun out. How to do that with window decoration that also looks great? Be sure to read on.

JASNO shutters and blinds keep the house cool
Dutch summers are getting hotter and hotter. Are you already getting used to temperatures of 35 degrees Celsius? Pulse rises to 40 degrees or more. With temperatures like these, of course you want to keep your home cool. An eco-friendly solution: choose the right window coverings to block out the sun. Shutters and wooden blinds in particular are a gift from heaven during hot summer days. JASNO shutters and blinds are made of Paulownia wood which has a light insulating effect and is heat-reflective.

As soon as the sun is on the window, it is wise to close the window decoration. That way you block bright sun rays and your home stays a lot cooler. Note: Choose shutters in a light color so that even less heat is absorbed.

The perfect indoor blinds for bay windows and conservatories
Large windows, sunrooms and bay windows are beautiful but at the same time create a greenhouse effect when the sun is on them for a while. The temperature in the house quickly rises then. Here too, shutters offer a solution! This indoor blinds are not only an enhancement to your interior but, with the slats closed, it really does keep out the sun’s heat.

JASNO blinds made to measure
JASNO shutters are tailored to perfection and can therefore be fitted perfectly into a conservatory and bay window. Certainly the glass conservatory roof can be a tricky window to properly shade to regulate sunlight and heat. Through ingenious customization, we can install JASNO shutters for the sloping roof. Via a telescopic stick, you open and close the higher shutters very easily. So in the summer, your sunroom or bay window stays wonderfully cool. Want to know more or get advice on the most suitable blinds for your windows? Simply make an appointment for a consultation via JASNO’ s customer service.

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