Keeping distance with VOLA

Keeping distance with VOLA

Hands-free operation of a sink faucet is a feature that is hugely important during the current Corona outbreak. The virus showed us how quickly germs can be transmitted. Against this, VOLA offers excellent hands-free solutions for comprehensive hand hygiene.

Faucets and soap dispensers that work via sensors prevent operating handles from being touched, especially in public areas. But even in your own home, for example in the (guest) toilet, hands-free faucets and soap dispensers are a good idea to prevent the transmission of bacteria as much as possible.

VOLA offers a variety of products that ensure good hygiene when washing hands: the minimalist design of the HV1 and 111 basin faucets by Arne Jacobsen is also available in hands-free versions. When you approach the infrared sensor with your hand, the water flows automatically and at a comfortable temperature, which you can set in advance or individually: from an immediate water stop to a 20-second lag time.

The wall-mounted electronic soap dispenser RS10 from the Round Series matches the elegant fixtures: as soon as you move your palm into the round dispenser, a sensor is activated that dispenses soap or ( disinfectant) foam soap in portions. The elegant feature of this collection is the purist border, which can be customized in all VOLA colors. The series also includes the paper towel dispenser and an extendable waste bin, which can also be easily operated by knee. Both products are built directly into the wall.

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