Kitchen countertop ideas: marble, composite marble look or ceramic marble look?

Kitchen countertop ideas: marble, composite marble look or ceramic marble look?

Marble; timeless, chic and incredibly popular. We understand that all too well! Are you looking for a marble (look) kitchen countertop that fits perfectly into your dream kitchen? A marble kitchen countertop catches the eye immediately and creates a luxurious and modern atmosphere in your kitchen. The choice in countertops is diverse, even when you’ve already set your sights on marble. We are happy to tell you more about different types of marble (look) countertops.

Marble kitchen worktop
The natural material is a real eye-catcher. The distinctive feature of a marble kitchen countertop is the veins that run across the hard but porous stone type. However, the porous and thus sensitive nature of marble makes proper maintenance a requirement. For example, it is not wise to use caustic or chemical cleaners when cleaning the surface. We are happy to provide you with more tips on protecting and cleaning your marble countertop.

Little can match a marble kitchen countertop in its purest form in terms of appearance. Are you a big fan of the marble look, but stumped by the intensive maintenance or the price? Then the composite marble look and the ceramic marble look are nice alternatives.

Composite marble-look kitchen worktop
Real marble is only available in limited colors due to its origins in natural crystallization. Composite marble-look kitchen countertops, on the other hand, are available in a wide range of colors. In fact, composite is an industrially manufactured type of stone, so it can be created in all colors and shapes. Therefore, a composite kitchen countertop fits any interior style!

Composite consists of smaller particles such as sand and granite, as well as sometimes other materials such as concrete and marble. All of this is compressed into a sturdy, solid whole. Due to the hard nature of composite, it is highly scratch-resistant and requires little maintenance. Still, you’d like to keep your kitchen countertop as pristine and clean as possible. That’s why we are happy to share our tips on how to maintain a composite marble-look kitchen countertop.

Ceramic marble-look kitchen worktop
A ceramic kitchen countertop, like a composite kitchen countertop, is a sturdy and low-maintenance choice. And that includes the marble look you are looking for!

Although a ceramic kitchen countertop is similar to a composite countertop in terms of sturdiness, it also has some differences. A ceramic countertop is made from clay, ceramic binders and porcelain. Under high temperatures, these materials are baked and formed into the ideal worktop for your dream kitchen. This technique makes a ceramic kitchen countertop even more heat, stain and scratch resistant than a composite kitchen countertop. Of course, you want to be just as careful with your brand new kitchen countertop. That’s why we are happy to provide you with tips on how to maintain a ceramic marble-look kitchen countertop.

Marble, marble look or yet another kitchen top?
Whether you prefer pure natural marble in your home or the excellent quality of both composite or ceramic marble-look kitchen countertops; you are guaranteed years of enjoyment. Still unsure if the marble look is quite your cup of tea? Fortunately, the choice in kitchen countertops is very wide! Check out our projects for a dose of fresh dream kitchen inspiration.

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