Less is more with the groundbreaking glass downdraft

Less is more with the groundbreaking glass downdraft

Today, the kitchen is the meeting space for receiving guests. Good ventilation that efficiently and silently provides an odorless and clean atmosphere is then especially important. Then when the exhaust system is also a picture to behold, cooking in front of your guests becomes a complete feast. The latest worktop extractor from Gaggenau is the ideal solution in this regard: eye-catching design and the quality of one of the best kitchen brands come together in the groundbreaking glass downdraft.

The new glass downdraft puts nothing in your way. Indeed, the beautiful, crystal-clear extraction system offers you more: more clean air, more visibility, more ambiance and more user comfort. The crystal clear glass panel does not obstruct your view and ensures that you maintain optimal contact with your surroundings, and your surroundings with you. Guided Air technology dissipates vapors powerfully instantly, keeping your space fresh and presentable at all times, without noise pollution. Nothing distracts you from your cooking and your guests anymore.

An ingenious interplay.
The new glass downdraft forms a seamless combination with the 80-centimeter-wide, flush-integrated Gaggenau CX induction cooktop. The professional cooking functions of this cooktop provide a very intuitive and free cooking experience. For example, the cooking zones automatically adjust to the size of your pans, and the power automatically reduces when you slide a pan forward, so you can let your dish continue to simmer peacefully.

Enabled, the new Glass Downdraft and CX cooktop create an ingenious interplay, where the extractor can be controlled from the cooktop and the power automatically adjusts to the amount of cooking vapors. Switched off, all you see is a sleek, black panel that no one suspects has an exceptional exhaust system at the back. Surprise your guests with an atmospheric ambiance when the crystal-clear panel rises from the worktop and the colored light frame effortlessly adjusts to your desired mood via the Home Connect app.

Beautiful and practical go together effortlessly.
The glass downdraft provides an unobstructed view both on and off and is therefore particularly suitable for installation in a kitchen island. And whether or not you can exhaust the air through your kitchen area to the outside, the exhaust system always ensures a clean atmosphere because it is also suitable for recirculation. Gaggenau has been successfully marketing the most beautiful, high-quality built-in appliances since 1956, and thus would not introduce a new appliance if it did not truly meet all aspects. Therefore, easy maintenance has also been provided: both the glass panel and filters can be effortlessly removed and cleaned. The filters are also suitable for cleaning in the dishwasher.

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