Light just got smarter

Light just got smarter

With the new SMART TONE fixtures, in-lite offers the ability to add color to outdoor lighting. With color light, you add a unique atmosphere to your garden. Several standard colors can be chosen. Need a different color? Then, via a color circle in the in-lite app, any desired color can be chosen. In this way, create an atmosphere appropriate to the moment.

With SMART SCOPE TONE, you have the freedom to set your own mood in the garden. In addition to in-lite’s familiar warm white light, this LED spotlight offers you the ability to set any color you want. With a range of up to 5 meters, the fixture is suitable for both high walls and trees. SMART EVO FLEX TONE is a flexible LED strip with a perfectly even line with no visible light points. Both fixtures can be dimmed individually or per SMART group with the in-lite app where the color light can also be easily set.

The in-lite app makes it ever easier to control your devices

Color lighting is used as an “extra layer” in the garden. It is lighting that is turned on at the coziest times to add extra atmosphere. Here the focus is on (indirect) lighting effects around canopies, sitting and lounge areas and outdoor kitchens. What is green (such as trees and plants) stays green in in-lite gardens, because nothing is more beautiful than what nature offers us.

SMART TONE fixtures add an extra dimension to your garden

There is a fine line between atmospheric light use and overuse. What is striking is that the combination between warm-white light and color light works especially nicely. On the contrary, it adds extra atmosphere. For this reason, color lighting is offered as an “extra layer” rather than as a replacement for warm white light. By employing both warm-white light and color, a unique effect can be created in any garden. This makes for an atmospheric whole time after time, with a personal touch.

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