Light science: creative agency for lighting design

Light science: creative agency for lighting design

Started from a passion for light and interior design and now the skilled and experienced lighting design agency: meet Jaco Goudriaan and his team. The creative forces behind Light Science.

Skilled Lighting Designer

At the Lighting Design Academy (HBO), Jaco learned the fine technical and creative intricacies of designing lighting plans. With years of experience in the installation world and armed with the necessary practical knowledge, he can rightfully call himself a skilled Lighting Designer. Together with his team, Jaco designs and realizes the most beautiful lighting plans.

The offerings of Light Science

  • Lighting plan for individuals
  • Lighting plan for business premises, store or office
  • Advice and sales of decorative and functional lighting

Light science summarized

  • For individuals and the business customer
  • From expert and surprising lighting design in 3D…

(Walk virtually through your own spaces and already experience the effect)

  • … to practical realization and installation

(you have nothing to worry about)

  • Sustainable design with low energy consumption
  • Personal approach, flexible approach.

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